Good Books

Do you remember the fun associated with going into a Christian bookstore and browsing the book selections there? You might remember how you could spend hours picking up and looking at books, even reading a good portion of a book, before deciding whether or not to add it to your library.

Well, these days, that experience is no more. Most of us are left to look for books online. And though we can look at the table of contents, reviews, etc., it's just not the same. How do you know if a book is worth having as part of your library? How can you find those books that, though not best sellers, are a treasure trove of truth that will benefit your ministry?

That's what the Good Books section of our website seeks to address. Following the structure recommended by Dr. Daniel L. Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for building a theological library, we have added to his book recommendations those of others in ministry, so you will know that each of the books in this section are recommended by someone who found it beneficial. Here's hoping that we might assist you in your search for the right book to help in your work for the Lord.